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"Historical Ebers"

Ebers Papyrus” is one of the oldest medical manuscripts of ancient Egypt, dating back to 1500 B.C. It contains herbal knowledge of gynecological issues and some tumor remedies.


Today's Ebers

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We believe that science and art are two sides of the same coin, and since compelling visual information can easily communicate complicated scientific data. It’s time for us to introduce the modern day “Ebers”!

"Ebers" is the first scientific social network that connects: scientists, academic researchers, healthcare professionals and students, from all over the world into one single community.

It is a scientific platform that enables you to fully customize, share, and store 3D interactive presentations in the cloud.

It allows you to create a neat record of your publications, research points, thesis, and even your study materials. You can create a visualised slideshow as well as uploading your own publications and research papers.

We offer you a free library, full of both 2D/3D scientific illustrations to integrate into your slideshow. These illustrations are totally customizable and interactive in a way that brings your presentation to life.

The ‘Ebers’ network allows you to get responses from your colleagues, contact other researchers directly to discuss their publication’s research points and ask for the full texts.

Here at Ebers, we are a team of passionate researchers, healthcare professionals, medical illustrators, artists and web-developers who agreed to do our best in order to provide you with the tools to easily communicate your science, in a modern and effective manner.


Why Ebers

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Interactive Presentations
For the first time, you can integrate and manipulate specialized 2D/ 3D visuals within your slides! Our team is working around the clock to continuously update our library.

Simple to use
Despite the high level of interactivity and customizability of our 3D presentations, the user interface is very familiar, and maintains the classical look of a presentation.

Cloud Based
Ebers allows you to harness the power of Cloud storage, with the ability to create your own Interactive scientific slideshow. Remain productive wherever you are in the world, with instant online access to your created ‘Ebers’.

Share it with the whole world
Share your Ebers with your connections/ followers/ friends on social media, as well as posting it to our community, with the opportunity to get some useful constructive critique.

Referral system
Unlock certain premium features, by referring Ebers to your colleagues.

Believe it or not, Ebers has no price plan or subscription. You can benefit from all of the features available not only without breaking the bank, but without paying a penny!!